Civil Ceremony, Humanist or Church Ceremony



Ceremony and Drinks Reception


VIP-Signature Wedding Experience

Ceremony and Mindset Coaching for Brides during the last 90-days leading up to their wedding all in keeping with their innermost needs, while dispelling their frustrations and fears is the core focus of our VIP-Signature Wedding Experience.

The immense emotional benefit that you get when you hire any of the above packages leaves you buzzing with excitement and oozing anticipation that is giving you the experience of a lifetime that you absolutely L-O-V-E!


So... if you're feeling frustrated and stressed because you struggle to get what you want, then our VIP-Signature Wedding Experience will finally give you the plan that you've been searching for. 

- the plan to get what you truly want at heart.

- the plan to book your most valuable wedding music professional.

- the plan to finally know the difference between the professional and the amateur.

This IS for the Discerning Bride who is ready to reach out for extra support, strategies and connection; work with me to get a personalised wedding experience designed around her values, preferences and that Big Dream inside her heart and soul (The Big WHY.)

This is NOT for the Bride who isn't ready to reach for her dreams, step into that 'something' magical and special and reach for that extra support and connection to achieve her reality of A Dream Wedding that's been pulling at her heart and soul since childhood days!